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Agreed. Anora’s been through enough of that stuff. That’s why I always rejected Morrigan whenever I had my Cousland marry Anora.

Exactly. Anora would not stand for it again, especially since she is the one with the power to reject Cousland this time.

I always reject and then have Loghain do it, just because Cousland is willing to give his life for Fereldan and Loghain would not see the man die. He has shown himself to be honorable and perhaps he would be good for Anora, maybe Cousland even reminds Loghain a little of himself in a positive way.

Anonymous asked : After all the various stuff I've heard from both fans and the guys at Bioware, I wonder if the ultimate canon story for DAO was that we're supposed to be a Dalish elf who romanced Morrigan, underwent her ritual and went through the Elluvian (I hop that's the right spelling) with her.

Well the Dalish Elf part is right, Bioware’s default canon is sort of one of the choices in the Dragon Age 2 preset backgrounds (I don’t know how closely Bioware follows it in the extended media). Some of the choices that have been confirmed in Bioware’s canon.

  • Female Dalish Elf (so as you can see, no Morrigan romance)
  • Died killing the Archdemon
  • Alistair is King
  • Morrigan’s Ritual was not completed
  • Female: Marian Hawke
  • Isabela was not given to the Qunari
  • The Arishok was killed
  • Anders was killed

Some unconfirmed choices that may also be a part of Bioware’s canon due to their default world state in DA2.

  • Connor is alive
  • Mages are recruited in DAO
  • Dalish are recruited in DAO
  • Bhelen holds the throne
  • Branka was supported
  • The Anvil was destroyed
  • Ashes were revealed/shared
  • Loghain is alive
  • Anora also rules
  • Amaranthine was saved
  • Architect was spared
  • Nathaniel is alive and a Grey Warden
  • Zevran is alive

Though I imagine the unconfirmed choices are subject to change in Bioware’s canon.

Anonymous asked : How do you think Anora would react to the knowledge of the Cousland Warden going through Morrigan's ritual if she was married to him?

It depends when and how she finds out, I imagine.

If she finds out through Cousland before he goes through with it, then she might understand. She might see why it is important and that this is probably the most logic solution. She’d feel glad he came to her and asked first, that he let her know it could result in a royal bastard being born somewhere. Though she’d probably want to be present and/or ask some questions of Morrigan, the most important being whether she would try to use the child as a claim to the throne and no, of course not…not the Fereldan throne anyways.

If she finds out afterwards from Cousland, she’d probably still see the logical side of it. Yet she would be upset that he made a Kingdom effecting decision without her, that already he is trying to take and abuse his power and they are not even married yet. She might even consider calling off the marriage if she thought it would cause too much trouble or Morrigan would try to use the bastard against them.

If she found out later or during from someone other than Cousland (unless it was her father, who was on Cousland’s side in the matter), she would be pissed. She would be so angry that he was already off having bastards behind her back and it seems he had no consideration for her opinions in important matters. Never again would she do that and the marriage would almost definitely be called off, Cousland could still be a hero but he would never be royalty. Not when he so easily disregarded her and made potential problems for the kingdom, Fereldan doesn’t need that kind of King…not again.

Anonymous asked : So we would need a USB to put the save file we created onto our game console? I remember them talking about uploading it from the keep to the game by logging in to your origin and transferring it from there, but I might have misread. I mean, we can use the keep as an app on our phone so would we have to transfer it to our computer and then to the consoles? A looot of work. I hope its made simple.

No, you didn’t misread, the usb would be an alternative. The articles I read, said the idea is that you could either download it directly from the cloud onto the console, straight from the Keep or download it to a usb and upload it manually to the game.

Like I said though, the legitimacy of the usb idea is uncertain at the moment. If you have a console that can connect to the internet though, don’t worry about it, you are all set and ready to roll come Inquisition time.


oh cass


oh cass

so-i-grudgingly-joined-this-site asked : I've been hearing all this stuff about the Dragon Age Keep. Is it going to be absolutely necessary to have to transfer your save to Inquisition? I play on ps3 and my particular console has never been able to work with the internet (I have no idea why), so will I just lose out on my choices? As a result of this same problem, I've never bothered with a bioware/EA account to sync with the games because of the wifi issue. Will this be a big problem? (Thanks for any info you can tell me)

I can’t share anything specific, but I can share what has been released publicly by Bioware.

You will not need imports of your old games to use the Keep, games can be completely rebuilt in the Keep.

Also as far as my knowledge goes, Bioware has said that you do need to use the Keep if you want a custom game otherwise I believe you’ll have to use the default state, but since so little has been said I am unsure.

Lastly, there are rumors that Bioware is going to allow you to download the Keep decisions onto a usb and upload them to your console, though the articles that speak on this are a bit scarce on any more information regarding the possibility.

Hopefully, Bioware does come thorough for you and allows Keep states to be downloaded and introduced to the Keep via removable storage, but at this point it is uncertain if this is a true feature or just a rumored possibility.

Anonymous asked : I've always associated Anders with Fall Out Boy so a+ au

I’m a nerd who is one of the oppressed and downtrodden, so you know it just seemed right to just mash these two things together. Thanks.

Anonymous asked : Could you explain (or link to a previous explanation) of what happened to Maric? I have browsed the wiki pages but I wasn't really clear on what happened with him (I'm asking this a little vague as to not give a Spoiler).

Okay so probably a bunch of spoilers abound, so if you’re okay with learning more, a lot more about King Maric Theirin then proceed. I’m going to try and do a short rundown of his entire life in the extended media. 

The Stolen Throne Spoilers

The Calling Spoilers

The Silent Grove Spoilers

Until We Sleep Spoilers

Read More


It was about time.



It was about time.

Anonymous asked : how is it hinted that Flemeth is not Morrigans biological mother?

It comes up in different conversations with Morrigan and Flemeth.

Morrigan finds the thought unsettling and does not want to talk about it much, she finds it more important that whether Flemeth gave birth to her or not is unimportant, Flemeth did raise her as she would/did all and any of her daughters and that makes her Morrigan’s mother either way.

Meanwhile Flemeth throws it around as a joke, she claims that such uncertainty she planted in Morrigan herself and maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. She goes the same route as Morrigan and claims she raised her, whether she gave birth to Morrigan or not and that makes her a mother.

It is never confirmed and it could just be an unsettling possibility that is not true, especially since Yavana and Morrigan share similarities that would say otherwise. It was hinted, but if it is true than Morrigan is not Flemeth’s and therefore, Flemeth did not lay with her father (thus Maric could not, out of logic, be Morrigan’s father).